■kanetetsu delica foods history:
1926 March Fish paste cake manufacturing works founded.
1948 October Incorporated as Kanetetsu Kamaboko Inc.
1950 February Kobe plant and head office established.
1953 January Nishinomiya plant established.
1955 May Naruo chemical factory opened.
1967 March Company name changed to Kanetetsu Shokuhin Inc.
1985 January Company name changed to Kanetsu Delica Foods Inc.
1989 November Ken Murakami was inaugurated as president.
1990 May Rokko plant established at the present address.
1995 January Head office moved to Rokko plant.
1998 September Kanto-Depot opened.
2006 March ISO22000 Certification acquired.
2009 September The Inamori’ s management prize was awarded.
2010 April “Kouhaku Ebisu set” won the Golden award in Monde Selection.
2011 “Tecchan”celebrated the 60th anniversary of the birth.
2011 April “Ebisu Datemaki” & “Kaisen Agedashi” won the Gold award in Monde Selection
2011 “Mochi Gyoza Dumplings” won the Silver award in Monde Selection.
2012 April “Tecchan Kobou” a hand-made fishcake workshop opened.


“Tecchan” is the beloved mascot of Kenetetsu Delica Foods since 1951.